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Saturday, October 2, 2010


ok, get ready for alot of Georgeness! i mean, i know so much about him... ok here we go! first i'll give you the general stuff:
Name: George Harrison (he has no middle name!)
Birthday: February 25th 1943
Birthplace: liverpool
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Fave colour: purple (lol)
Fave food: burgers (yay! same as mine!)
ok now for the "extra" info:
plays lead
is shy :)
doesnt like being seen with his shirt off
first song he write was 'Dont Bother Me'
loves to garden
and thats about it. like i said before, there might be more stuff. and now for the moment you've been longing for, here is your long awaited photo of George Harrison

let me tell you, that was not easy just picking one. you know what? i think i need to put at least a few more:

                                                              Kodak moment :)

                                                        looking good for the camera

                                            yes, that's George...well, part of him

I'm sorry but that's all the George photos that I'm gonna attach. it wouldn't be fair to John, Paul and Ringo if George got more photos, now, would it? dont worry, I'll do a picture day soon, with a theme. :)