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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beatle Guitars

each beatle had their own signature guitar. my favourite is George's Gretsch. im actually saving for one. here is a pic of the beatle guitars.

                                                     John's Rickenbacker guitar.

                                                                 Paul's Hofner bass
                                                              George's Gretsch Duo Jet
        and i think it would only be fair if we put a picture of Ringo's Ludwig drums in here, dont you think?

                                                                    there we go! :)

now, how about a picture with them actually playing their instrument, eh?

George with his Gretsch

Paul with his Hofner

              I dont have one with just John so i'll have to show you John with his Rickenbacker with George too

                                      and there's Ringo with his Ludwig and a collage of all of them would be nice too, wouldn't it?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Notice The Unnoticeable

ever come across those beatle pics where someone's face looks funny or someone's doing something hilarious? and to top it all off, its in a group photo so its kinda unnoticeable. i have a tons of pics like that and I've been dying to show them! i probably wont have enought room to fit all of them so i'll just put the funniest ones.

   John giving Paul that funny thing they do with their nose and their fingers and Paul's looking at John like "what on earth are you doing?!"

ohmigod, Ringo's face is just hysterical! xD oh, God. everyone else is all happy and cheerful and then Ringo's all like "whatevar!" and he's rolling his eyes!

   that water cold, Ringo? ha ha. either that water is really cold or Ringo really needs to take a wizz!

   Thats really interesting how they caught this photo. George is on the bottom thinking "oh, God, no!" and
Ringo's jumping up yelling "SURPRISE!", John is just trying not to fall off and Paul's got his weapon ready and he's yellin' "imma whoop you butt, George!!!"

   oh, wow. John seriously needs to go. and Paul just chizzed his pants or something! i needed to make this pic really big cuz you really need to see the detail on there faces!

   It seems as though George and Ringo are way too preoccupied with their chips to really care that they're getting their picture taken!

   when ever i look at this pic, i wonder what John and Paul were looking at. and notice the greaser hair styles? very 50's and veeeerrrry sexy :)

   oh, man, John's about to kick Paul's butt! you'll'll see.

well, thats about it for Notice The Unnoticeable. i might do an episode 2 but lets just say  good bye for now :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Breath?!

i always think to myself, since Paul and George always were singing at the same mic during performances, how would Paul feel if George had bad breath? haha xD or the other way around! i have a perfect pic for this.
are they trying to eat each other or what? paul seems to be delighted but George looks upset. i think its safe to say that maybe this time, it was paul who had too many onions xD ha ha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Original from the 1960's???

the other day, i was searching on ebay for beatles pencils. i already had some but it was a package of only 4 pencils and each one had each beatles photo and information on it so NO WAY was i using those pencils. i wanted to get like a pack of 30 that were all the same.anyway, i came across quite a few of ads saying "original 1960's beatles pencils" and they were selling them for like $50.00!!! only four pencils for fifty dollars! and i realized i had the exact same pack! i paid $20.00 for them at a flee market and i wondered why they were so much. now i know why!!! now, im not 100% sure if they are really originals or just copies of the originals. here is a pic of them:

if you know anything about the value of these pencils or anything like that, PLEASE tell me in the comment. thank you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

John & George & Ringo quote

John & George quote:

Reporter: what type of girl do you like, John?
John: my wife
Reporter: and what kind of girl is she?
John: she's a nice girl
Reporter: what type of girl do you like, George?
George: John's wife!
*john hits george*
John: no one likes a smart guy

Ringo quote:

Reporter: what is your favourite number (song)
Ringo: White Christmas

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WTF John?!

wtf!!!! john needs serious help! check out this picture!

Paul's all like "what the hell are you doing, john? dont make me slap you again!" (see how he's raising his hand?) xD

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Guitar

this is my guitar. its an Epiphone acoustic so i named it Eppie xD here's a pic:

Friday, January 14, 2011

George's Sexy Stare

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE George Harrison <3 <3 <3

Not So Innocent?

Most beatles fans think the beatles are four innocent young guys from liverpool who never did anything bad. i dont mean to be a little harsh here but they werent!  they drank, the smoked, they took drugs, they got high and drunk, they swore, they "did it" before, they cheated, they were mean to people they didnt like, they had dirty minds, they hated their enemies. they werent innocent. well, im not accusing them of anything. everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their flaws but you gotta admit, over all: the beatles were a pretty good group of guys. their songs werent shallow, they werent perverted, and they were nice guys, y'know? do you know what really got on my nerves once? i was chatting online and one person asked me if the beatles actually did drugs. i said yeah, of course they did. and she said "ohmigod! they would never do something like that!  are you sure?the beatles would never take drugs, they were just young boys. i think you're wrong". new flash-THEY WERENT YOUNG BOYS!!! THEY WERE 25 YEAR OLD MEN!!!!!!!! THEY COULD DO WHATEVER THEY WANTED AND GUESS WHAT, HONEY?! THEY DID FREAKIN' DRUGS!!! FOR THE LOVE OF JOHN LENNON!!!!

Im sorry. i kinda lost it there, didnt i. lol, i just read over it and if you're reading this right now, you're probably laughing your butt off! xD i dont blame you. well, thats it for this post. by the way, im not usually this immature, im usually very mature on my blog. its just that i kinda lost it on this post. lol.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Beatles Stuff

i got a new beatles poster yesterday. i took a pic of it. here:

I also got a Gretsch for beatles rockband. im actually saving up for a real one but for now, i'll just show you
the toy  xD

and one last thing:  i got a beatles calender for 2011 and every month, i'll take a pic of the month and post it. here's January's:

thanks for reading. thats it. ta
-Roberta :)

Friday, January 7, 2011


On the stairs she sits and waits
Waiting for him but he never shows his face
She gets tired
The days turn into months and the months turn into YEARS
Still she waits for him
But he’s not at that place
The world is turning around her
She’s getting older
One days it starts to rain
Still she waits
In the cold
In the heat
In the rain
In the snow
In the hail
In the storm
In the sun
Day by day…
Month by month…
Year by year…
Its May 7th 1945
He runs to her wait
But he’s to late
She’s gone.
He took too long.
So on the stairs he sits and waits,
Wishing he would’ve shown his face.
this was written by me, Roberta. i dont have anything to protect it from copy righting. i dont care if you take it but if you do, you should be ashamed of yourself. i know this isnt exactly "beatles" but i dont really have anywhere else to post it and im sure you dont mind. anyway, its about a girl who's boyfriend is over seas in World War 2. she waits for him but he never comes home. she thinks he's dead so she leaves but when the war is over (May 7th 1945), he does come back and shes not there. its sad but life is sad so i guess it doesnt matter, does it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Long Long Long

                                                          Long Long Long

           It's been a long long long time,
           How could I ever have lost you
           When I loved you.

           It took a long long long time
           Now I'm so happy I found you
           How I love you

           So many tears I was searching,
           So many tears I was wasting, oh. Oh--

          Now I can see you, be you
          How can I ever misplace you
          How I want you
         Oh I love you
         You know that I need you.
         Ooh I love you.

      SONG INFO:
Name: Long Long Long
Year: 1968
Album: Double White (or The White Album or The Beatles)
Lead Singer: George Harrison
Band: The Beatles

aww, this song is so peaceful. its so calm and George's voice is so sweet and smooth. i've been obsessed with this song lately. i cant get enough of it. its my favourite song right now. alot of people say its spiritual but the lyrics arent really something you'd say to your god...dont you think? its from the double white album. y'know, about a couple months ago i never bothered to get the double white cuz i didnt think there were very many good songs on it but i was WRONG! man, this is such a nice album. i wish i could get it. i heard a funny story about the double white album-the story is: Yoko forced John into putting a pic of them naked on the cover but when Paul saw this, he covered  it up with white. then all four of them were fighting over what the album cover should look like but they could never agree so it remained white. i dont know if its true but that'd be funny if it was. quick pic of George:


i'm devistated. i lost my shirt that i got at a paul mccartney consert this summer. i forgot it in the lost and found bin at school and the stupid teachers took the stuff and gave it to goodwill!!! i even went to the goodwill store and they said they shipped it off to somewhere else! now i'll never see my shirt again! those stupid teachers have no idea how much that shirt ment to me. im so sad  :(


Saturday, January 1, 2011

mop tops!!!

also known as the beatle hair. lol. ok, seriously, i was watching Killers (its a movie) last night with Ashton Kutcher. and i never found him attractive before but then i realized...he has a beatle cut! and then i tried to imagine him without one and then i remembered he never used to have a beatle cut before and so, that s why i found him attractive!!! you following me here? but i'd just like to address the fact that beatle fans always notice when guys have beatle cuts and like 80% of the time, we'll find them attractive!!! (I'm talking about girls noticing guys with beatle cuts, not guys noticing guys with beatle cuts. well, guys probably notice it if they're a die hard fan -noticing beatle hair cuts are more of a girl thing- and i can almost assure you that they dont find the guys attractive-unless they're gay-). i mean, i always notice guys with beatle cuts. in Rubber Soul they were really shaggy. in Please Please Me they had short beatle cut, they werent shaggy at all. the bangs werent even on the brow! they were real clean cut. probably because they just came out of the 50's cuz it was 1962. then in With The Beatles, the hair got a little longer but it was still not on the brow. that was 1963. then in A.H.D.N. it finally was on the brow and they were considered mop tops but still they were clean cut. that was 1964. then there was Beatles For Sale and thats when they started to get kinda shaggy. that was still 1964. then Help! came along and the hair went realy long. and Ringo got that girl's hair cut and George's hair looked like there was bowl put on top of his head and then got his hair cut. that was 1965. then Rubber Soul which i already talked about, then came Revovler and they're hair got really long and shaggy. and they were wearing those small john lennon style sun glasses which made George's ears pop out. lol. they were barely clean cut but at least they're faces were shaven. thats was 1966. then from Revolver, it went right into Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with mustaches and all.thats when John got his glasses. but to suprise, they got they're head's cut kinda clean.Paul got a really short cut. And if you took away the mustaches and the Sgt Pepper's outfits, they would like just like 1964. but that was 1967. then the beatles took a wild turn and the album Magical Mystery Tour was out. in my opinion, that album was INSANE! George's hair got real long and it started to part in the middle and he had this little beard growin, Paul and John got rid of their mustaches and Ringo kinda just stayed the same. that was still 1967. then the epic album Double White -also known as The Beatles Album or The White Album-  John's hair was down to his shoulders and i think thats officially when he became sort of a hippie. he no longer had bangs, his hair was parted in the middle. George's hair continued to get longer, Paul's just got real greasy(lol) and shaggy and Ringo's got a little longer but he still kept his moustache. that was 1968. then came along Yellow Submarine. I cant really say much about their hair in this album but i'm pretty sure it just stayed the same. that was 1968 still (i think, lol). then they crazy Abbey Road came out, this is my favourite album. George grew his hair really long and got this massive beard (lol), Paul's Hair got a little bit longer but not so greasy (lol), John kept his long hippie hair and grew this huge beard too but i swear, there was a bush on his face. (lol). Ringo's hair got really long too but not long enough to rest on his shoulders though. then Let It Be came out, the last beatles album. thats the album I'm just dying to get, John got rid of his bush like beard but his hair got longer and more wild. Paul's hair finally changed drastically. he didnt have bangs any more, his hair got shoulder length and parted in the middle.he grew this thick beard. Ringo's hair just got longer and George got his bangs back and just stuck to a mustache rather than a massive beard (lol).    And there you go, 7  years of hair styles and it only probably took you 10 minutes to read this but it took me 2 hours to write it. (lol). happy new year 2011! bye!