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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What They Listened To As Kids

latey, i've been listening to alot of 50's rock n roll and that is the music that influenced the beatles cuz its the music they grew up to. each beatle had their own hero: Elvis was John's, Little Richard was Paul's, Carl Perkins was George's and i think Ringo's was Elvis too (forgive me if im wrong). but i really started liking Carl Perkins and i remembered that George loved him so i wanted to say to George "hey, George I'm listening to your hero!" but of course George is dead and even if he was, i still wouldnt be able to tell him. just thought i'd share that...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beatle Joke/Interesting Fact

so i was in Wal Mart today and i picked up a jar of honey and started singing 'A Taste Of Honey' and then i thought. 'hey, they should make a honey brand called A Taste Of Honey and their catch fraise should be a taste of honey: tasting much sweeter than wine'. does anyone agree with me?! and there's a couple other things i need to mention - i just found something very interesting out. do you know how they make those "best of the 60's" or "the best of rock n roll" or "the british invation" cds and you look for the beatles on there and you can never find  it and you get kinda pissed cuz the beatles were a huge part of the 60's and rock n roll and they dont even have them on the disk?! i figured out why! in order to put their songs on the cd, they need copy rights from Apple to put it on and Apple NEVER sells their copy rights to anyone. they make their own stuff. and that is why, my friend, you can never find the beatle's songs on any of those different packages. And fun fact-I just got a really sexy looking leather jacket just like the ones the beatles had in Hamburg! ok, i'll go now. bye!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ohmigod, Silver Bealtes LP!!!

i went to a flee market today and you''l never guess what i found!!! there were tons of booths with people selling LPs and such and I found a Silver Beatles LP!!!! it was only $7.00. it has Three Cool Cats, Memphis, Sure To Fall, Till There Was You and tons of other songs from the Decca Tape! when i saw it, i said to my dad "I NEED this!!!" ha ha xD I'm soo happy!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Taste Of Honey

       A Taste Of Honey lyrics

A taste of honey
tasting much sweeter than wine
I dream of your
first kiss
and then,
I feel upon
my lips again
A taste of honey
tasting much sweeter than wine
I will return
Yes, I will return
I'll come back
for the honey
and you
Yours was the kiss
that awoke my heart
The linger still
though we're far apart
That taste of honey
tasting much sweeter than wine
Oh, I will return
Yes, I will return
I'll come back
>he'll come back<
For the honey
>for the honey<
And you!

Name: A Taste Of Honey
Year: 1962
Album: Please Please Me
Lead Singer: Paul McCartney
Band: The Beatles

MY THOUGHTS: I've always thought this was a deep and romantic song. It's simply about a young man discovering true love and the kiss that "awoke his heart". The turm "a taste of honey" is used to explain how the kiss felt. So, it obviously didnt feel or taste like honey (unless Paul had some honey before he kissed her. ha ha) but it means that the kiss was sweet like honey and wonderful. The wine bit, I think, means that the kiss wasnt bitter like wine, but in fact, sweet as if it were honey. He says "I will return, yes, I will return, I'll come back for the honey and you". I think that means that he might return to the girl who has kissed him and I guess, make her his girlfriend. I'm not sure but I think thats what it means. Any ways, I think this songs makes me think of the cavern. It has the echo sound. And I really find it fascinating how he holds the "you" at the end of the song. Over all, a wonderful and romantic song!!!   

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decca Tape 1962

As I search more into the early beatles and the Hamburg days, I discover more and more material! One of them, is The Beatle's 1962 Decca Tapes!! They have wonderful songs on them. Most of them are cover songs but they did job covering them! The Beatles always did a great job covering other artists songs. I have done some research, and I'm pretty sure that the Decca Tapes were only made on vinyl. If I'm wrong, please forgive me. But another thing with the Decca Tapes is that, is was made when Pete Best was still the drummer. would you still call that The Beatles? I think so, because its basically The Beatles but without Ringo. I really hope to get the Decca Tapes soon. They're really groovin, I've heard most of the songs on Youtube. My favourite songs from the tape would have to be Three Cool Cats or Aint She Sweet.

Front cover of the Decca Tape

Back of the Decca Tape

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Beatles In The 1990's

It facinates me how different the beatles looked over the coarse of 30 years!!! and how much they had changed! one difference- they had broken up. another difference- John has died. another difference- Paul has made a band called Wings. another difference- Live At The BBC (beatles album) gets released in 1994. another difference- George has made a band called The Traveling Wiburys.(did i spell that right?) And The Beatles Anthology was made in the 1990's. And here is what Paul, George and Ringo looked like in the 1990's.

George Harrison in the 1990's (not sure which exact year, sorry)

wow! Paul looked pretty good in the 90's! Paul McCartney in the 1990's (not sure which exact year, sorry)

Ringo Starr in the 1990's (not sure which exact year, sorry)

Sorry, i really wish i could put a pic of john but he wasnt here in the 1990's :(  R.I.P. John!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ringo Pics Requested!

i was reading my guestbook and i got a request for more Ringo pics and i realized that i dont put enough Ringo pics in my blog! i guess its cuz Ringo is my least fave beatle but that shouldn't change anything!!! so are the Ringo pics requested by Yolanda:

on the phone...

a very young Ringo! I'd say '58? or '57 maybe...

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Greaser Look

Aside from the mop top look for the beatles which most people refer to as "beatles cut", my other favourite look that the beatles had would be the greaser look! as you might already know from my other post, i have found a recent love for the beatles experience in Hamburg and they went there from 1959 to 1962 and those were the greaser years! i just love the greaser hair, all pulled back but curly and points at the top, i love the leather jackets and the leather pants! the cigarettes sticking out of there mouth every minute of the day!! and if i had to chose the most attractive look for men, i would say greaser! ha ha! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some People Just Don't Appreciate Rock n Roll!

We watched The History Of Rock n Roll in music class today and every one was making fun of Little Richard and Buddy Holly. it was sad. they dont even stop to even listen to the music and try to like it. but they did show a couple clips of the beatles and i was like "OH MY GOD, THAT'S PAUL!!!" ha ha xD but the thing is, they all make fun of them and they'd rather listen to Lady GaGa or Rihanna or Justin Bieber or Kesha and the stuff they sing isnt even music! or talent! its so stupid! and then they come up to me and say "oh, the beatles are gay, they suck!" and they swear at me! i just feel like saying, screw off! y'know? you dont like my music, fine! i'm not forcing you to listen to it! but just dont bother me with your crap that you call music! ugh, this frustrates me soo much! i could just go on for hours about this but i wont. it just gets on my nerves...