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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo Dump

So it's been a while since I posted photos just for the sake of posting photos. So that's what I'll do since my mind is still somewhat suffering a beatles drought. Kind of like an art dump only with beales photos ;P

The beatles being amused with a shiny yellow ball? Priceless. And I might be mistaken but I think I have the exact same lawn chair that George and Ringo are sitting in..

This was that one time when I signed out a guitar book last year from the library and it had this in the Gretsch section. Of course, I totally freaked out and took about 20 pictures of the same page xP

Dont know if I've ever shared this photo. I remember saving it because it was someone's profile pic on youtube and thats why the quality sucks so much cuz I had to enlarge it. But sometimes I wonder why George would be talking on the phone with a sailor's hat on and have someone there to take a picture of it. Then again, if you look at all the photos the beatles have taken, they took some pretty weird photos.
I might be wrong on this but, this is supposed to be a rare photo. Well it's probably not rare anymore since it was featured on the from page of the Rolling Stone website but they had a series of "rare" photos from the beatles's performance as Shea Stadium and this, with Paul and his Hofner, was one of them. He looks so happy ;D

John's badass photo. Enough said. 

Remember when I said the beatles did some weird photos? I rest my case. In this photo John seems to be some freaking awesome dude in a top hat and mustache, Paul looks to be a paper boy from the 40's, George could very well be my grandmother and Ringo is...well, he's Ringo!

Sexy stare into the distance while hair blows in the wind = a very sexy George Harrison. I actually remember this photo being in the beatles anthology.

Dont even ask. I'm still trying to figure it out...

Well my friends I know that was quite a pathetic photo dump but I dont have as many beatles pics on my laptop as I do on my Computer so...
Anyway, I'll try to think of a more clever idea for the next post. I hope you enjoyed the...8 photos I supplied you with along with my side comments xD