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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo Dump

So it's been a while since I posted photos just for the sake of posting photos. So that's what I'll do since my mind is still somewhat suffering a beatles drought. Kind of like an art dump only with beales photos ;P

The beatles being amused with a shiny yellow ball? Priceless. And I might be mistaken but I think I have the exact same lawn chair that George and Ringo are sitting in..

This was that one time when I signed out a guitar book last year from the library and it had this in the Gretsch section. Of course, I totally freaked out and took about 20 pictures of the same page xP

Dont know if I've ever shared this photo. I remember saving it because it was someone's profile pic on youtube and thats why the quality sucks so much cuz I had to enlarge it. But sometimes I wonder why George would be talking on the phone with a sailor's hat on and have someone there to take a picture of it. Then again, if you look at all the photos the beatles have taken, they took some pretty weird photos.
I might be wrong on this but, this is supposed to be a rare photo. Well it's probably not rare anymore since it was featured on the from page of the Rolling Stone website but they had a series of "rare" photos from the beatles's performance as Shea Stadium and this, with Paul and his Hofner, was one of them. He looks so happy ;D

John's badass photo. Enough said. 

Remember when I said the beatles did some weird photos? I rest my case. In this photo John seems to be some freaking awesome dude in a top hat and mustache, Paul looks to be a paper boy from the 40's, George could very well be my grandmother and Ringo is...well, he's Ringo!

Sexy stare into the distance while hair blows in the wind = a very sexy George Harrison. I actually remember this photo being in the beatles anthology.

Dont even ask. I'm still trying to figure it out...

Well my friends I know that was quite a pathetic photo dump but I dont have as many beatles pics on my laptop as I do on my Computer so...
Anyway, I'll try to think of a more clever idea for the next post. I hope you enjoyed the...8 photos I supplied you with along with my side comments xD

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jim Sturgess vs. Paul McCartney

So, I've been urged on, thanks to the great support from Jaggerfan1 and my buddy Mike :)

Anyway, I've recently seen the movie The Way Back and One Day which both star Jim Sturgess (personally, I liked The Way Back better). And you might've recognized him from the guy in Across The Universe which is quite ironic, considering how much he looks like Paul. Now, before I even say a single word, I want to to see how creepy they look the same.

This is our lovely Paul

And HO SHIT its Jim Sturgess!! I mean, this cant be just me. I mean, when we were watching The Way Back, my moms like "wow, that guy's got to be related to Paul McCartney." Of course, I was just sitting there like :3 ME GUSTA!
But honestly, guys, can we all agree that this guy would definitely win in a Paul McCartney look-like contest?! I'm not quite sure what it is about him. Possibly his eyes? (although his eyes are bigger than Paul's) or his nose? (I can kinda see that) or his lips? (its a possibility. Paul's are a little bigger though) or his hair? (Mhm) or his jawline? (yep). Whatever it is, its crazy. Well, thats all i have for now.I'll try to think of more beately stuff to post next time.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Around

So, lately, instead of just listening to my selected playlist, I've been putting my ipod on shuffle so I've been listening to more beatles songs. Which is a good thing, I suppose. It's odd when I listen to one of their songs, it just brings back memories of when I loved them and how much I was obsessed with them. It's kinda weird. Dont get me wrong, I still respect them as a band and love their music but I guess it'll never be the same. Since I dont really have much thoughts on the beatles now, I'll just do song posts. Although, I think theres only one person who reads my blog :\
Also, I could do song fictions if you'd like. It's where you take a song and between verses, you make a story with what you think the lyrics mean.
So yeah, this is pretty much it for "my thoughts" on the beatles for a while. If something comes to mind, I'll post it but other than that, I got nothing. And here' a photo for your enjoyment.

yum :) lol jk

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Old Friend

I was in the computer lab today. My friend was beside me but this other girl was beside him who was in a younger grade than us. I saw she was looking up some older musicians (my type of people haha) and i remembered i had to do an assignment like that when i was her age. Right about then, our vice principal walks in, stopping at everyone's computer, asking what we're doing. He stopped at the girl's and she said she was researching old musicians for a project (aha, i was right!) and my vice principal says "do you know the beatles? You should search them up. They were one of my favourite bands back in the day. Do you like the beatles?". the old me, the beatle maniac, would've jumped up right in the middle of the computer lab and yelled "hell yeah, i love those guys!" but hearing it today, i just kept my eyes on my own screen and i had this kind of smile on my face. It was like revisiting an old friend. I suppose this is how the rest of my life will go now. Not thinking of Paul as a brother figure, not john as a father figure, not George as a romantic figure and not Ringo as a friend figure. I'll picture these guys as old friends for the rest of my life. cuz to me, i guess they kinda are.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There Is Hope In Today's Generation!

Yes, yes, I'm back. Hold the applause.
Anyway, the MOST amazing thing happened today. It was kinda like a weird discovery.
Do you remember the post i made last year, about around this time of year called No One Respect Rock N Roll Anymore or something like that and i went off about how we saw a rock n roll documentary and people in my class were making rude comments? WELL, today i have found a person JUST LIKE ME! meaning, they dont like modern music and they like 50's and 80's and 90's rock. and it was so shocking! because this guy, Jakob, has been my friend for about three years and i've never heard this side of him. we were sitting together in class and talking and i dont know how but we got on the topic of 50's music and he told that he liked 50's music! he named off people like Fats Domino and Little Richard. Elvis and then he told me he also like 80's rock and he thought it was alot better then today's music and i was thinking MY GOD, I COULD JUST KISS YOU, MAN! but i didnt .... xD lol, but putting all this aside, i must confess: I have restored faith in today's generation.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanks :)

I just really want to thank the anonyous person and my friend Mike who left those great comments on my last post. Its good to know that people know how its feels. And Anonoymous, i think you should make a blog! I'd love to read it!