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Friday, October 28, 2011

Love Comes To Everyone

ok,  so there's this awesome song that I just discovered tonight by George Harrison called Love Comes To Everyone. It instantly became my favourite song. Its so easy to listen to and the music flows so beautifully. I'm not sure which year it was recorded but its so sweet sounding. If you havent heard this song, I suggest you do. Its really very moving. Also, other really good songs by George during his solo career are What Is Life, My Sweet Lord, All Those Years Ago and This Song. I'd also like to add something even though it has nothing to do with what i've been talking about but...I was looking through my pictures on my computer and I saw this one and thought it'd be interesting to draw. Challenging but interesting. Its one of Paul and George but its George who caught my eye. The picture is taken by his side profile (i've never been good with those but its worth a try). You're probably wondering what this picture looks like so i'll show you.

It's a nice picture, right? so once i finish the drawing, i'll post the final piece :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT JOHN'S BIRTHDAY!!!! I am a horrible fan! I'm SO sorry!!! you see, I wasnt even home on his birthday so...i guess i get credit for that. But to make up for it, i'd like to say:
Happy birthday John! 71, I believe? Wow, you never realize it was so long ago until you hit 70. or 71. So  here's to John Winston Lennon :)

I just came across this photo earlier tonight, isnt john pretty? *blushes and looks down but has a cute smile on face* xD *shrugs then says sweetly "isnt he pretty?"* xD you can bet i'll be drawing this later tonight