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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a guestbook!

hey, i just made a guestbook! i'd be sooo happy if you guys could please fill it out. just go to the bottom of the home page of this blog and there will be a little thing that says "My GuestBook" and some writing then there will be the words "my guestbook" in green. please click on that and then a new window will open and the form for my guestbook will appear, just fill it out and then click "send". and then, you have signed my guestbook! thank you for doing this!!! i cant wait to see who fills it out! thanks guys! :)


i know this is like 3 days late but

                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The perfect picture

I go searching on the Internet for "the perfect picture". Once, when i watched A.H.D.N (A Hard Day's'll see me type that whenever im talking about the movie or the album) and I paused it and took the perect Paul Picture. It was pretty perfect. BUT its not on my computer!!! shoot!!!  but what im gonna do now is show a picture for each emotion.

                                                      the many emotions of JOHN LENNON




sorry, I hardly have and pics of John!

The many emotions of PAUL MCCARTNEY






The many emotions of GEORGE HARRISON





The many emotions of RINGO STARR
sorry, i only got  a few pics of him.





ha ha, ringo is NOT happy. lol. well, my friends, those are the many emotions of the beatles! ALSO, i recently submitted this blog to Beatle Links so we'll be getting more visitors! im sure the boys are happy bout that! well, with Christmas 2 days away, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paul got OWNED!

                                              awww, poor paulie XD

Friday, December 17, 2010

Across The Universe

When i first heard this song in the summer, i thought it was annoying, but now i see how beautiful it is. i heard it on hatena from one of my friend's flips and thought "i never remembered this song being so beautiful". i think john is a pure genius to come up with "words are flowing out like endless rain, into a paper cup, they sliver while they slip away, across the universe." he was truly gifted. and i was reading about this song and he said he got that frase from when he was sitting, listening to his first wife, Cynthia (is that how you spell it?) blab on and on about something that he didnt care about. pure genius, that lennon was. man, i seriously need to get Let It Be album!!! somehow, it makes me want to stand out in the rain.

music can make you feel things that nothing else can. its almost like magic. i dont know where i'd be without music. seriously.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paul and Ringo?

I'd like address the issue of the friendship between Paul and Ringo. First off: they didnt know each other right from the beginning. you see, first there was John. then Paul came to the group THROUGH John. then George came to the group THROUGH Paul. then Ringo came to the group THROUGH George. and i know this for a fact because i hear it from John Lennon himself. in a interview. so dont no one go saying 'oh, you're just making that up'. because i'm not!!! yeah, so second of all, Paul and Ringo were the farthest apart. i guess that makes sense cos Paul didnt have any connections to Ringo so they werent close and George didnt have any connections to John so they werent close. I think the only one Ringo was really close to was George cos thats how he came to the band. I'd ALSO like to point out an interview i saw with Paul and Ringo. it was 2009 or 2008. something like that. anyway, they got into this HUGE fight on TV in front of everything and the press. it got to the point that Ringo actually said, quote on quote "shut up, its my turn!" to Paul. *gasp*. lol. i just wanted to point this out cos its been bugging me! oh, and guess what?! i FINALLY got new a key board!!!!! it makes loud clicking noises when i type. lol. peace out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Maxwell's Silver Hammer lyrics

Joan was quizzical
studied pathiphycical science in the home
late nights all alone with a test tube
ooh oh oh ooh
Maxwell Edison
majoring in medicine
calls her on the phone
"can I take you out to the pictures, Joan?"
but as she's getting ready to go
a knock comes on the door
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that she was dead
back in school again
Maxwell plays the fool again
teacher gets annoyed
wishng to avoid an unpleasant scene
she tells Max to stay when the class has gone away
so he waits behind
writing 50 times 'I must not be sooo'
but when she turns her back on the boy
he creeps up from behind
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head
dodo do dodooo
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that she dead
>guitar break<
dodo do dodoo
>piano break<
DC 31 said  "we caught a dirty one"
Maxwell stands alone
ranting testimonial pictures
oooh oh oh oooh
Rose and Valerie screaming from the Galerie
"say he must go free!"
-Maxwell must go free-
the judge does not agree
and he tells them so
but as the words are leaving his lips
a noise comes from behind
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his head
dodo do dodoo
bang bang! Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that he was dead
oh oh ooooh
dodo do dodoo
silver hammer man

Name: Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Album: Abbey Road
Year: 1969
Lead Singer:  Paul McCartney

yeah, I've always thought this song was a little morbid. in fact, the first time i listened to it, my mouth opened and my face was like 'ohmigod'. especially when he says "maxwell's silver hammer made sure that she was dead". I'm not entirely sure but i think this song was based on an actual person in England who was killing people by hitting them on the head with a hammer. please correct me if i am wrong. in case you were wondering (but i know you probably weren't but i'm gonna tell you anyway, ha ha), yes i am still on my lap top. well...thats about it! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

biting my time

"I sat on the rug, biting my time, drinking her wine..." 

yeah, so i havent been posting since Nov. 28 (wow!), so there's alot to catch up with. but honestly, i have no idea where the "biting my time" bit came from. anyway, on December the 8th 2010 was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death. its funny how we call it an anniversary-those are supposed to be happy occasions but John's death CERTAINLY is not something to be happy about. the radio played his songs and interviews all day. me and my mama sat together and listened.i didnt cry all day but when they played his last interview is when i lost it. i felt like such a baby wah wah. lol. with it being close to Christmas (yay!) and this friday i get off of school for two week (oh yeahhhh!!!) I'll have more time to post! i want so badly to put a picture but i dont have any photos saved on my lap top. yes, my dad STILL hasnt gotten  a new key board for my computer! like 3 weeks later and still! lol. oh, and just a heads up, I might be doing a lyrics post for Maxwell's Silver Hammer soon! well, peace and love!!!  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

43 years of Magical Mystery Tour

yeah, so yesterday, I was searching on images for the Magical Mystery Tour album cover and it came from this site and the site said "orginaly realeased on November 27 1967" and I was like wait...isn't today November 27?  but then my dad switched the key bourds on my computer and then it didnt work!!! now I have to wait for him to get me a new key bourd...FROM FUTURE SHOP!!!!  lol but anyway now i have to use my laptop. yeah so, as of yesterday: Magical Mystery Tour album has been excisting for 43 years. also; on friday I went to the mall and i got ABBEY ROAD and MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR.  2 for 30$!!!  lol but i really like Polethyen Pam cos you can really hear John's british accent when he says 'Pam'. yep...soo thats it. happy Sunday everyone!  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes It Is

if you wear red tonight, remember what i said tonight, for red is the colour that my baby wore. and once more, its true.
                                           YES IT FREAKING IS!!!

please dont wear red tonight, this is what i said tonight, for red is the colour that will make me blue, in spite of you. it's true

oops, my bad, LOL. I've just discovered this song and it's beauty. I'm officially adding it to the melting list!!!
Yes It Is, you are officially on the melting list. dot dun dot dun datt doodie. THERE!   I'm listening to this song right now...aww it's making me cry *dont cry, Bobby, you sissy, only babies cry over songs* i  dont care, I'd rather be a baby and cry now let me cry in peace, woman! yes it is true that i cry. over songs. over relationships. over movies. over books. (who the heck crys over books?!) apparently me. over the world. over death. And yes, my name is Bobby.  not as in a dude's name Bob but as in a girl's name Roberta. yes, do you see how we get Bobby from Roberta?
ahh, beautiful, somehow I can hear George's voice just so clearly. He's singing like an angel.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

melting songs

y'know those songs that make you feel like you're melting because they're so beautiful? they're usually the songs with with all of their voices harmonizing and the song is slow and romantic. The songs that come to mind are Girl, Here There And Everywhere, This Boy, and In My Life. Then, there's songs that have a different, melodic sound and sweet lyrics. Songs that come to mind are For No One, All My Loving, Dont Bother Me, Michelle, Not A Second Time, Do You Want To Know A Secret, I Need You, Yesterday, I'll Follow The Sun, I Will, No Reply, What You're Doing, And I Love Her (that's a really pretty one!), I'm Happy Just To Dance With You and there's probably ALOT more but my list got too long. its a shame because they just dont make music like this anymore. it's sad, really. well, if you turn on the radio, its not music! its not! and the lyrics are disgusting and they're not romantic and its not music at all, its just crap! and in the words of George Harrison "rap music is just computerized crap. One day, I listened to top of the charts and after three songs, I felt like killing someone." That's really what he said. Probably a few months before he died. WOW! this has gotten to be longer than I thought it would. I should make a 'melting songs' playlist on my ipod. LOL :)         

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twist And Shout!


well, shake it up baby now!
twist and shout!
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby now
come on and work it on out
well, work it on out, honey
you know you look so good
you know you got me goin' now
just like I knew you would
well, shake it up baby now
twist and shout
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby now
come on and work it on out
you know you're a twisty little girl
you know you twist so fine
come on and twist a little closer now
and let me know that you're mine
BABY now!
shake it up baby!
twist and shout
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby now
c'mon and work it on out
you know you're a twisty little girl
you know you twist soo fine
come on and twist a little closer now
and let me know that you're mine
well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby now
well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby now
well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby now

Name: Twist And Shout
Album: Please Please Me
Year: 1962
Lead Singer: John Lennon (back ground voices by Paul McCartney and George Harrison)
Band: The Beatles

this song makes you want to DANCE, doesn't it?! it has soo much energy and John's voice is perfect for it even if he sounds like he's got a cold or something, I dont know. when I first heard this song I was like "is he sick or something?" *yawn*. it's saterday morning. no...its afternoon. wow. 2:13!!!! WTF?! lawlz. I'm listening to twist and shout right now...and yet I feel like this:

                                                   LOL :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michelle: Lyrics

MICHELLE by The Beatles lyrics

Michelle, ma belle
these are words that go together well,
my Michelle
Michelle, ma belle
sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
tres bien ensemble
I love you, I love you, I love you
thats all I want to say
until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that you'll understand
Michell, ma belle
sont des monts qui vont tres bien ensemble
tres bien ensemble
I need to, I need to, I need to
I need to make you see
oh, what you mean to me
until I do, I'm hoping you will know what I mean
I Love You...
I want you, I want you, I want you
I think you know by now
I'll get to you somehow
until I do, I'm telling you so you'll understand
Michelle, ma belle
sont des monts qui vont tres bien ensemble
tres bien ensemble
and I will say the only words I know that you'll understand
my Michelle

Name: Michelle
Album: Rubber Soul
Year: 1965
Lead singer: Paul McCartney

So... I've been a bit obsessed with this song lately. I'm guessing Paul was crying over a french girlfriend? LOL maybe not. more lyric posts are soon to come! I'm also becoming obsessed with the song Dont Let Me Down so I might do that one next. i dont know... It's funny because in French class at the beginning of the year, we were asked to say one sentence in french and I said "sont des monts qui vont tres bien ensmble". and i only knew that from this song!! wow...lame. not the song- I'm talking about myself. and what's a post without a pic? how about one of Paul since he's the lead singer in this song.

      Taken from Help! I remember the exact line that he's saying here: "aren't I?" . 

shout out to 5th!

hey, I just wanna make a shout out to my friend from the beatles dsi channel.  HI 5THBEATLE!!!!!! I hope you're reading this!!! here's a pic of john for ya!

LOL, isn't he cute?! well, thats it! I'll post more tonight :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010


yay! Lennon-McCartney photos! the two besties! yah...its been a month since i posted last (yikes!). my bad.
here it is!!! :D

                                                                  just chillin'

shake on it 

                                                               best friends till the end :)

you'd better smile nice, boys. these photos will be in the paper!

ooh, a colour one!

alright John, what did you do now?

                                                             having fun at the beach, boys?

yes, i know, they're playing cards! the card has john and paul playing the piano :) oh look, its the 7 of dimonds! LOL, dont ask  :o

Well, thats it for this post!

happy halloween!

yeah, I know it's late (well, yeah its like two weeks late!) but happy halloween!!! look at that, even the boys dressed up!

LOL happy halloween!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


ok, get ready for alot of Georgeness! i mean, i know so much about him... ok here we go! first i'll give you the general stuff:
Name: George Harrison (he has no middle name!)
Birthday: February 25th 1943
Birthplace: liverpool
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Fave colour: purple (lol)
Fave food: burgers (yay! same as mine!)
ok now for the "extra" info:
plays lead
is shy :)
doesnt like being seen with his shirt off
first song he write was 'Dont Bother Me'
loves to garden
and thats about it. like i said before, there might be more stuff. and now for the moment you've been longing for, here is your long awaited photo of George Harrison

let me tell you, that was not easy just picking one. you know what? i think i need to put at least a few more:

                                                              Kodak moment :)

                                                        looking good for the camera

                                            yes, that's George...well, part of him

I'm sorry but that's all the George photos that I'm gonna attach. it wouldn't be fair to John, Paul and Ringo if George got more photos, now, would it? dont worry, I'll do a picture day soon, with a theme. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


so, this is for all the john lovers :) dont get upset but i think i know less about john than i know about paul! well, here its is everyone:
Name: John Winston Lennon
Birthday: October 9th 1940
Birthplace: liverpool
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Fave colour: green
Fave food: corn flakes
wants peace!
and now for the sad part... :(
Death: December 8th 1980 :(
R.I.P. john
ok, as i said before with paul, there might be more and i got this info from a colour card. and now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the photo! ok, here you go:
I know, its not the best photo of him but at least he's smiling! (to tell the truth, i dont really have alot of john pics) and i think its signed...on his

Friday, September 10, 2010


this is for all the paul lovers :) well, the people who love paul the most out of all the beatles. here is my limited info about Paul McCartney (sorry, I dont really know alot about him)
Name: James Paul McCartney
Birthday:June 18th 1942
Birthplace: Liverpool
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Fave colour: blue
Fave food: roast beef
"the cute beatle"
vegetarian :)
There might be more but like i said...i dont really know that much about paul (sorry). I got alot of this info from a paul mccartney colour card (its a card with all this info on it). and now i will show you a photo. there you go:

cute, isnt it? i love how he looks so uncertain. just look at his baby face! :) i have better ones but this one is just so cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

all together now!

I have just discovered the most adorable footage of the beatles!...on youtube. You might have seen it before, its a little thing, you'd find it under all together now. at first they're all talking and then they...(wait for it) break into a song (all together now). they looked like they were having lots of fun! its so cute how Paul and George are kind of bouncing in the back, ringo is waving around a piece of paper and John is not even paying attention! you should seriously watch this! you'll laugh over and over. here's the link:    I'm 100% sure you'll love it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

here, there and everywhere

Lately, the beatles have been here, there and everywhere. I'm always seeing people with beatles shirts, movies are playing beatle songs in them ...let's just face it...the beatles are too awesome. I mean, look at Paul, he's still going strong! I went to his concert this summer and I have one word-AMAZING! let's not forget Ringo, he's still doing concerts too. But my only wish is to have seen a beatle concert in the 60's...but I know I cant time travel. I recently just bought a book called Our Hearts Went Boom. its about the beatles in Canada and Beatlemania. There's a part that made me laugh...the beatles met the president of the official Beatles Fan Club-a girl- and both times Paul played the flirt. he says to her about her outfit "are these pants, luv? I really like them". that just made me laugh (lol, paul the flirt). Paul was always the gentleman.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

favourite bealte

ok, so this is day 2 of my blog. I'm not quite sure what to talk about. lets start with the question most beatle fans ask each other: who's your favourite beatle? mine is George :) yours may be Paul or John or Ringo... or George (lets not forget george!). they're all LLLs. thats a little something I made up. LLL stands for Lovely.Liverpool.Lads. the other question is: what do you like best about him? my responce is: EVERYTHING!  hey, I just came up with a great idea. I should make 4 posts and each one will be all about each beatle. its amazing how when you set your mind on having ONE beatle as your favourite, you start to notice different things about them. these are the top 5 things people seem to love about each beatle:
John: 1.his humour, 2. his cutness, 3.his laugh (it very interesting...), 4.his voice, 5.his face (always the face)
Paul: 1. his cutness, 2. his baby face, 3.his kindness, 4.his voice (he sings so beatifuly!) 5.his humour
George: 1. his cutness, 2. his voice (the heavy brittish accent), 3. his face(again with the face!) 4. his beatiful lead guitar playing, 5.his laugh and his humour
Ringo: 1.his cutness, 2.his nose (ya gotta love the nose!), 3.his humour, 4.his smile (always smilin') 5.his face!
and there are also things that everyone loves but the whole group has it :the hair, the accents and the beatles boots!
ya gotta love the beatles!

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Post

'ello, everyone! This is my first post! I guess I should start by telling you about what this blog will have. As you have already guessed, this is a blog about the beatles! best band ever! I for one, am very fond of them. you would probably even call me a freak! each post will be about a beatley topic. for example, one post might be about their personalities, another about a certain beatle song.  lots of different things! well, I hope that you will enjoy reading the posts I will be making!