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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jim Sturgess vs. Paul McCartney

So, I've been urged on, thanks to the great support from Jaggerfan1 and my buddy Mike :)

Anyway, I've recently seen the movie The Way Back and One Day which both star Jim Sturgess (personally, I liked The Way Back better). And you might've recognized him from the guy in Across The Universe which is quite ironic, considering how much he looks like Paul. Now, before I even say a single word, I want to to see how creepy they look the same.

This is our lovely Paul

And HO SHIT its Jim Sturgess!! I mean, this cant be just me. I mean, when we were watching The Way Back, my moms like "wow, that guy's got to be related to Paul McCartney." Of course, I was just sitting there like :3 ME GUSTA!
But honestly, guys, can we all agree that this guy would definitely win in a Paul McCartney look-like contest?! I'm not quite sure what it is about him. Possibly his eyes? (although his eyes are bigger than Paul's) or his nose? (I can kinda see that) or his lips? (its a possibility. Paul's are a little bigger though) or his hair? (Mhm) or his jawline? (yep). Whatever it is, its crazy. Well, thats all i have for now.I'll try to think of more beately stuff to post next time.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Around

So, lately, instead of just listening to my selected playlist, I've been putting my ipod on shuffle so I've been listening to more beatles songs. Which is a good thing, I suppose. It's odd when I listen to one of their songs, it just brings back memories of when I loved them and how much I was obsessed with them. It's kinda weird. Dont get me wrong, I still respect them as a band and love their music but I guess it'll never be the same. Since I dont really have much thoughts on the beatles now, I'll just do song posts. Although, I think theres only one person who reads my blog :\
Also, I could do song fictions if you'd like. It's where you take a song and between verses, you make a story with what you think the lyrics mean.
So yeah, this is pretty much it for "my thoughts" on the beatles for a while. If something comes to mind, I'll post it but other than that, I got nothing. And here' a photo for your enjoyment.

yum :) lol jk