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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There Is Hope In Today's Generation!

Yes, yes, I'm back. Hold the applause.
Anyway, the MOST amazing thing happened today. It was kinda like a weird discovery.
Do you remember the post i made last year, about around this time of year called No One Respect Rock N Roll Anymore or something like that and i went off about how we saw a rock n roll documentary and people in my class were making rude comments? WELL, today i have found a person JUST LIKE ME! meaning, they dont like modern music and they like 50's and 80's and 90's rock. and it was so shocking! because this guy, Jakob, has been my friend for about three years and i've never heard this side of him. we were sitting together in class and talking and i dont know how but we got on the topic of 50's music and he told that he liked 50's music! he named off people like Fats Domino and Little Richard. Elvis and then he told me he also like 80's rock and he thought it was alot better then today's music and i was thinking MY GOD, I COULD JUST KISS YOU, MAN! but i didnt .... xD lol, but putting all this aside, i must confess: I have restored faith in today's generation.

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  1. Im 14 and i also like Old Music. But i like the 60s and 70s Most...