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Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Around

So, lately, instead of just listening to my selected playlist, I've been putting my ipod on shuffle so I've been listening to more beatles songs. Which is a good thing, I suppose. It's odd when I listen to one of their songs, it just brings back memories of when I loved them and how much I was obsessed with them. It's kinda weird. Dont get me wrong, I still respect them as a band and love their music but I guess it'll never be the same. Since I dont really have much thoughts on the beatles now, I'll just do song posts. Although, I think theres only one person who reads my blog :\
Also, I could do song fictions if you'd like. It's where you take a song and between verses, you make a story with what you think the lyrics mean.
So yeah, this is pretty much it for "my thoughts" on the beatles for a while. If something comes to mind, I'll post it but other than that, I got nothing. And here' a photo for your enjoyment.

yum :) lol jk


  1. One person who reads?! You got twice as many members as me. How do you think I feel? :) Seriously, just put your stuff out there and have faith that someone will see it who really likes/needs it. That's my philosophy.

    In twenty years when your fourth novel wins the Pulitzer Prize, they'll be scrambling around for your posts.

  2. Nice. Love the post. Love the Beatles too, btw. And who is the 1 person who reads ur posts? All I know is on my MP3, I have more Beatles and Rolling Stones songs on there than most music stores. 'Cuz sometimes I'll check out Beatles albums or Rolling Stones albums from the library cuz they have one good song on them. Must b why my mom calls me 'One hit wonder', lol